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consulting & growth strategies for the global plastics industry

Xcelerant Growth Partners is a multi-discipline business consulting firm with specific focus on the global plastics industry.

Leveraging industry experience and relationships built over 20+ years in the international arena, Xcelerant connects the links in an often-fragmented supply chain to drive growth through accelerated speed-to-market and the delivery of turnkey product development and manufacturing solutions.

Xcelerant’s flexibility and market reach allow for a customized response, delivering both targeted and integrated solutions to meet specific customer needs, including:

Xcelerant espouses a philosophy of partnership and mutual benefit

Our success is inextricably linked to that of our customers and supply chain partners. We also believe in pursuing “blue ocean” opportunities, where differentiation and added value create new, profitable and sustainable market space.

Xcelerant Growth Partners: CONNECTIONS THAT CATALYZE™

Tom Innis, Principal CEO
Xcelerant Growth Partners

Real-world results

“Having known and collaborated with (Xcelerant Principal CEO) Tom Innis for almost 25 years, I can attest to his unique skills and the depth of trust and relationships he’s built throughout the global industry supply chain. He leverages this trust to really understand customer needs, then connects the dots to deliver unique solutions that consistently drive ‘win-win’ outcomes.”
Scott Saxman
Saxman Solutions, LLC
"Tom Innis was our secret weapon in successfully pivoting the Tenjam product line from cut foam to rotationally molded plastic, a move that has made all the difference in the growth and success of Tenjam. After painfully (and unsuccessfully) trying to navigate the supply chain ourselves, Tom connected us to product design, material suppliers, tool-builders and molders, delivering a turn-key product development solution and greatly accelerating new product launch and speed-to-market."
Mike Collins, Owner & Founder
Tenjam, Inc.
"Xcelerant Growth Partners helped us complete a long-overdue re-design of a product line originally launched in the early-90's. The redesign process was efficient, cost-effective and addressed all the critical aesthetic and functional aspects of the product line. In the end, we were able to deliver a significantly improved, more user-friendly and better-looking product to our customers, while improving the cost-effectiveness of our manufacturing process."
Erik Tribelhorn, CEO
Agri-Inject, Inc.

Tom Innis of Xcelerant Growth Partners receiving the Charles D. Frederick Distinguished Service Award at the 2017 Association of Rotational Molders Rotoplas conference. The award recognizes members for their commitment in promoting the growth and proliferation of the global rotational molding industry. Pictured here with Association of Rotational Molders President, Conchita Miranda.

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